shock division
About Shock Division

Based in the Netherlands, EDM producers Serge Bosman and Omar Iskandarani sought to find a new sound within Drum ‘n Bass. This created a mixture of Neurofunk, Liquid and Melodic Drum ‘n Bass group called Shock Division.Their shared interest in philosophy, science and physics formed an energetic style of conscious Drum ‘n Bass, addressing what is wrong in today’s world. With thundering basses, rampaging drums and lyrics with a refreshing world view Shock Division will be the Drum ‘n Bass act you have been waiting for.

Their mission

While music is their creative outlet, they spend a lot of time philosophizing about the planet that we live on. This resulted in phsysics describing a omnipresent substance from which everything in existence is born. Inspired by theories from great scientists like Maxwell, Helmholtz, Einstein and Tesla they named it the æther. Because their view of the world might sound like pseudoscience at first, they’re trying to proof their views mathematically.

With their music Shock Division wants to inspire fans and with their writings they want to inspire the scientific community.